The Quality Management System forms part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) of BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C In the development, implementation and improvement of the IMS, BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C will combine the critical aspects of quality, health, safety and environment, essential to the success of the company.

The Quality Management System is developed, implemented and improved based on the following:

  • The Quality Manual (BBC-Q-M) describes the Company policy and objectives, documentation requirements, responsibilities and authority, resources and measurement and control requirements.
  • The Quality System describes the auditing procedures that allow us to measure our performance with quantitative data, as well as the procedures for examining non- conformance and opportunities for system improvements.
  • The Management System describes the processes and instructions for the performance of the services rendered by the Company.

This Quality Manual describes the activities and measures for the implementation of our QHSE Policy at BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C. It defines the responsibilities for the controlled execution of the activities which have an impact on product quality and Client satisfaction.

We have already in the past demonstrated a proven commitment to Client’s requirements. We have developed and applied particular procedures for the planning and assurance of product quality, this included procedures for corrective and preventive actions.

Based on these procedures, we have established a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM!