BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C is a 100% Local Registered Company. Its scope of work covers Residential, Commercial and industrial units. Currently, BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C Main Office is based in Sharjah. The rapid growth of the Company is shown by the establishment of BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C

The top management of BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C. made a strategic decision to elevate the company position to be one of the leading Contracting Companies by restructuring the company and supporting the new management with all necessary logistics, financial, and technical support with full authority to accomplish and reach their targets. As a result, BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C – Sharjah is now being classified by the Planning Department

– Sharjah as 1st class category in Building and Steel construction along with different Classifications in other disciplines; as it is tabulated in the Planning Department Classification certificate.

BUILDING CO. (BEST) L.L.C is to build the individual skills and capabilities of its employees, enhance the vision of the company policy, and adopt state of the art systems, technologies and professionalism for producing high quality construction capabilities in Sharjah and Dubai.

The Company has set a high standard for quality and procedures to meet its vision.  Our Standing Instruction from Management is to complete the jobs on time, within the budget and in accordance to Clients’ specifications and satisfaction.